Paddy Fields 2019

Concept Note
As the past three editions have proved, we take our music at Paddy Fields extremely seriously. That’s why there is an interesting theme to the festival each year, in an attempt to create new music and new musical experiences for a discerning audience. Happily, we have received positive feedback on the music, the performances and the presentation of the folk fusion genre of music that is seeing a rapidly growing audience. It’s a tribute to the artistes and the strength of folk music.

So it’s time now to say thank you to those wonderful originators of folk songs, people who were responsible for creating the songs, making them popular and in some cases even defining a genre of music themselves.

That’s why in 2019, Paddy Fields Pays Tribute! A salute to writers, composers, musicians, vocalists and music directors because of whom a festival like Paddy Fields is even possible! We get into the origins of genres by doffing our hat to great qawwals, poet saints, a living legend and even that popular form of music that has brought folk songs into every household across India: Bollywood.

As in the past, be prepared to be amazed as you are introduced to artistes you may never have seen live and to witness artistes you have seen previously, perform sets of songs that they’ve never done before!

Paddy Fields Pays Tribute. Our way of saying thank you for the music.