Jim Beam Originals is a celebration of the timeless classics that left an unforgettable mark in our hearts but with a twist. Some of India’s most beloved artists render their take of these hits with a never-before seen banger of a set. Each online concert featured an Indian musician taking on an international legend’s hits and delivered them with his / her own ‘tadka’. Your favourite international hits mixed with your favourite Indian artists.


‘Sounds From The Desert’ is a high energy 90 minute music concert that showcases traditional folk songs, musicians and instruments from the state of Rajasthan. All backed with beautiful visuals from across the state. Fronted by the extraordinary vocal powerhouse and multi-instrumentalist, Kutle Khan, the show features 19 musicians and dancers. Produced by Delhi based Nanni Singh’s ShowCase Events, the concert brings out the beauty of traditional Rajasthani instruments played by legendary musicians like Nathulal Solanki on nagadas and packages the music in a manner that has wowed audiences in Mumbai and Delhi. Popular and little known Rajasthani folk songs are enhanced by a set of Ghoomar dancers led by Khatu Sapera.

The show is curated by Turnkey Music & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

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Concept Note
As the past three editions have proved, we take our music at Paddy Fields extremely seriously. That’s why there is an interesting theme to the festival each year, in an attempt to create new music and new musical experiences for a discerning audience. Happily, we have received positive feedback on the music, the performances and the presentation of the folk fusion genre of music that is seeing a rapidly growing audience. It’s a tribute to the artistes and the strength of folk music.

So it’s time now to say thank you to those wonderful originators of folk songs, people who were responsible for creating the songs, making them popular and in some cases even defining a genre of music themselves.

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Jugalbandi : The Classicism of Folk Fusion
Paddy Fields, Nesco Ltd’s unique folk fusion music festival, scaled new heights in its third edition.

Themed around Jugalbandi – The Classicism of Folk Fusion, the event saw fantastic collaborations between renowned classical and folk musicians. Each of the eight acts over two days mesmerized the audience with a stunning presentation of folk music from across India.

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Celebrating The Women Of Folk And Fusion Music
Yet, we can’t be different just for the sake of being different. There has to be some logic to it.

If it is true that folk music is an oral tradition, that it is about stories being passed down generations in song, stop to think. Whom does a child hear it’s first story from? It’s mother, isn’t it?

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Paddy Fields 2016

India's First Folk And Fusion Music Festival

In 2016, a company called Nesco called us and said that they wanted to get into the entertainment space. As owners of The Bombay Exhibition Centre in Goregaon, it seemed a natural extension of their current business of renting out their 65 acre property.

We pitched several ideas to them and bless their soul, they homed in on wanting to do a Folk & Fusion Music festival as against opting for more obviously commercial music. It was like a God send and we had a great time conceiving and curating it. One thing was for certain, this was about the music and only about the music.

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